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2018-07-26 | Daniel | 225 views

Riley and I have started a new project together called Res! It's a podcast where each episode is about a particular book, TV show, video game, or movie that we've selected beforehand. Each episode is about two hours of casual conversation about the media of the week that also shows a bit of the inner workings of our friendship. If that sounds interesting, we've got the first four episodes up already; you can listen to it by pasting the above link into your podcast player of choice or by visiting our subreddit.

I'm proud of what we've been able to put together in such a short period of time. It was only a few weeks between us testing out various microphones and recording software to us actually producing a real episode! The keys to making it as far as we've gotten have been our willingness to experiment and our commitment to a schedule. Without those, we wouldn't have figured out what worked and what needed to change.

From here, we plan to release as consistently as possible every two or so weeks. We may even expand to a few more platforms if we figure out a few kinks in our system. Until then, enjoy Res and let us know what you think!