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Spring Update

2017-06-04 | Daniel | 439 views

I've had a few important things happen over that last few months that I wanted to give an update on:

  • My friends and I got to participate in the 38th Ludum Dare! We made a game, Reflect, that you can learn a little bit more about at my Ludum Dare projects page. The most important thing that I affirmed with this experience is that I now know that I can work with my former Emberware group without taking it too seriously or saying something to hurt my friends in the process. On top of that, Reflect is one of the greatest games we've ever made due to the experience we've gained since the days of Emberware.

  • I also bought a house! Rachel always wanted a place that she and her dad could fix up and maintain on their own terms, and I always wanted a home that closer fit my ideals. It's downtown, small, vertical, and has plenty of light. I hope to have many happy years here with Rachel, two (and no more than two) cats, family, and friends.

I kind of like this update post cadence, so I think I'll keep it up steadily for a while.