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Docs Update

2017-03-12 | Daniel | 586 views

In an effort to get my Pirates CSG House Rules uploaded to the website, I accidentally created a new documents page! Go there now to read my "House Rules" for one of my favorite games of all time, Pirates Constructible Strategy Game.

For a bit of background: Pirates CSG is/was a collectible tabletop game from the mid 2000s that has these unbelievably cool constructible pirate ships that act as the main game pieces. I adored this game and collected its packs for many years. Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast no longer produce them.

The House Rules document replaces the existing Pirates CSG rules with gameplay that I think makes the game more interesting, fair, and fun. It adds things like match progression through ship purchasing, meaningful faction selection for deeper strategy, and a more fair board-setup system. If you're a fan of the game and are looking for a new perspective, take a look!